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Chrissie Ren joins The Rubinstein Group

The Rubinstein Group (TRG) has appointed its first female sales executive, with Chrissie Ren joining the group at its new Rose Bay office.

A real estate professional with more than 11 years experience in project marketing and residential sales, Ms Ren joined TRG in August as a senior sales executive and has hit the ground running, with four multi-million-dollar sales already under her belt.

After working in residential sales on Sydney’s North Shore, Ms Ren said her introduction to TRG was quite fortuitous, meeting founder Gavin Rubinstein at an open home when she and her husband were house hunting.

“I told him I was an agent in the north and we decided to have a coffee,” she said.

“He’s a super busy man so I was surprised he wanted to spend time with me and listen to my story, but from the first official meeting we decided to work together.”

Ms Ren said she was attracted to the professionalism and energy at TRG, and it was an honour to join the team.

“I felt like I knew them already because they have great exposure for the brand on social media and the TV as well,” she said.

“I really wanted to work with the best in the industry – the best of the best.

“I felt I had a real connection with them and with the branding because, from a marketing perspective, I loved their branding.

“I love how they make things simple, but not ordinary.”

Mr Rubinstein said he was excited to have Ms Ren join the TRG team.

“Recruiting female agents is something I feel passionate about in a male dominated industry like real estate,” he said.

“Chrissie is already off to a flying start with three sales in the last three days, proving herself to be an incredible asset to our office.”

Ms Ren said her past experience in project marketing, working with big brands such Colliers, CBRE, JLL and Knight Frank, had helped her establish strong referral networks both here and overseas, and this, combined with an honest and genuine approach resonated with clients and potential clients.

“People love real people, and that’s who I am,” she said.

“I am very genuine and honest. Of course I have my skill set when it comes to closing a deal but, in the beginning, when it comes to prospecting, I just be myself and people love it.”

Ms Ren said being multilingual also helped her to quickly establish rapport and build relationships with clients, including from overseas.

“It’s not only about understanding the language, but the culture,” she said.

“I come from the northern part of China, called Harbin, which is very close to Russia, so I also speak a little bit of Russian, a bit of Japanese and a bit of Korean.

“All of this experience helps me to quickly build rapport with people and when I meet with buyers, they want to talk to me.

“They are very open with me, they want to tell me everything and that feedback really helps me to set up my strategy.

“Yes, my role is to help get my vendors top dollar but without knowing my buyer I can’t accomplish that figure.”

Ms Ren said she had been welcomed with open arms at TRG and she was excited about what the future holds.

“I think getting to know the area and getting involved in the community will be the key thing,” she said.

“I want to get to know people because this business is all about people.

“And also working with Gavin, that’s a big thing for me.

“There is so much I can learn from him and every day I am learning something new.

“I really appreciate the opportunity and the other boys in the office are all great too.”


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